Spring Edition 2012

After our ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION and one man show of magnificent art by premiere landscape painter Tom Murray, I didn't think much more exciting could happen this season in my gallery… until the" Zodiac Totem" was purchased from our corner of Skyline and Campbell.

Early one April morning we watched in amazement as a giant crane moved the 12' Zodiac Totem",
Pokey Park's whimsical bronze tribute to Chinese astrology - southwest style…. and replace it with a flying bird bronze the "Midnight Serenade" lifted high onto its next perch!

IMG_1565 IMG_1563 IMG_1567

Newly returned Tucson metal artist and expert welder Jonathan Mount unseated the totem from its place of honor on the prestigious corner. John Bishop was on hand from Caseworks, to transport the "totem" in a great big flatbed truck to their warehouse for crating. It was a unique, different and surprisingly beautiful experience to see art and machines flow together in some sort of mechanical dance…. high above the street in the early morning spring sky.