Bill Gideon
Quietude W.jpg


Ethereal Moment 16x12W.jpg

Ethereal Moment 16x12


Bil Gideon

High Desert Stream 12x12W.jpg

High Desert Stream 12x12

Saguaro Sunset 14x11.jpg

Saguaro Sunset 14x11


The Humble and The Holy 10x20


The Artist's Home

St. Philip's In The Hills 10x10W.jpg

St. Philip's In The Hills 10x10 SOLD!

Afternoon layers 10x8W.jpg

Afternoon layers 10x8 SOLD!

De Grazias Passion 12x16W.jpg

De Grazia's Passion 12x16 SOLD!

Tubac Church 8x10W.jpg

Tubac Church 8x10 SOLD!

San Pedro Morning 14x11W.jpg

San Pedro Morning 14x11 SOLD!


Desert Chapel 12x12 SOLD!

Barrio Home 10x8W.jpg

Barrio Home 10x8 SOLD!


Quiet Morning 14x11 SOLD!

The Greeting 18x14W.jpg

The Greeting 18x14 SOLD!

Timeless 8x6W.jpg

Timeless 8x6 SOLD!


Chapel In The Sun 10x20 SOLD!