Remembering Rose Johnson

Rose Johnson was an artist who's work inspired people, with her use of oils in figurative paintings, that often told storybooks and " truly came out of her soul".
Her paintings and murals alike brought "happiness to color"  with a little bit of mischief thrown in for fun.
The dancers, the dreamers and the whimsical look at life from her homeland of England to the southwest, gave originality setting her apart from others merely looking  for formulas in their work.
The great series on the electric buses for example totally contrast the powerful mural of the "Prayer of Saint Francis " on the wall  surrounding 16th and Thomas block of a mortuary in Phoenix.
Roses' last series and I believe her personal favorite,
"Beautiful Bali" were created for a show that we had a year ago, celebrating her love of the spirit, people and place of Bali.
It was her lifelong dream to go to Bali, and there she found much love and peace, with renewed inspiration for her  work. She even tried to get me to open a gallery to sell her work there !

She will be remembered for her kindness to others,  her generous spirit and the power her paintings had, and still have among her many and varied collectors. I believe that many called her friend.
But as for me, I guess I remember the fun she and I had, brewing up a new show, or theme for a series together, and enjoying her excitement together over the continual growth in her work.
I hope it doesn't sound trite to say that Rose Johnson was an artist who's life work truly will live on, bringing hope, joy and happiness to its beholder.

Jane Hamilton June 3, 2009