Thanksgiving 2020 !
I am sharing some personal stories of friends gone, along with gallery events here. I want to speak about these important people that were in my world, as there were no memorials or celebration of life gatherings this year. I’m starting in the spring in order of people and events….

27th Anniversary ! Today ! Yippee !! Wow !
Could it really be 27 years?!!  since we opened our gallery on March 20th 1992? Read More...

Bisbee Home

Tom & I drove down to Bisbee early yesterday morning to sign papers  and to close the bittersweet chapter of Bisbee in my life. Read More...

Christmas Remembered

” The Miracle of the Disposable Diapers” or
Gallery owner recalls young family’s Christmas in Taos

During the wonderful Christmas season, full of bright lights, hopeful anticipation, and sentimental sighs we often recall our own Christmas tales. Their repeated telling weaves into the fabric of Christmas the unique pattern of our own lives.

Fall 2013

It's been a hectic fall this year at the gallery…….

Our 1st event was the beautifully emotional dedication on October 6th at St Odila Catholic Community of the Christina Taylor Green Healing Garden.
This yearlong project by sculptor Mark Rossi, Father Richard Troutman and inspired by the late Teresa Biel's has been very rewarding.

The great bronze piece of Jesus holding a dove with Christina Taylor Green, now sits in front of St Odilia Catholic Church on Paseo del Norte ( next to Tohono Chul Park ) in NW Tucson. Outside amid the mesquites people can sit and reflect on the beautiful but short life of Christina Taylor Green. It has been an honor to participate in commemorating the lives of the fallen victims of the January 8th 2011. The pavers surrounding the bronze in memory of  loved ones, were designed by Chuck Paternini and complete the lovely area.

Mark Rossi sculpture

Next we celebrated the "Jaguar Jamboree" a fun night raising several thousand dollars for the Northern Jaguar Project.
This non- profit group has created an animal preserve in northern Mexico where the beautiful creatures run free.

Diana Hadley as president of the Northern Jaguar Project was aided by music of singer / songwriter Kevin Pakulis, a Bacanora tasting, donations from Whole Foods, sponsorship of Royal Jaguar, The Jaguar Car Club and a cast of volunteers. A beautiful painting by Barry Sapp was raffled off at the "jamboree" the evening of October 25th when the lucky raffle ticket was drawn. Hundreds of people came to learn more about the endangered species, and donate monies toward their future livelihood. We were blessed to be of help, and we had a great time seeing our collectors and meeting new friends !

Summer Different

This summer has been the “Summer Different" in the "City Different". The best laid plans of mice and men ( and women )…

This summer Santa Fe is as lovely as any other. But my plans took an unexpected turn on july 15th, as I first rode on my new bike and then went crashing about a painful minute later, braking both my left shoulder and right wrist……… lets just say, I was cut to the quick, stopped in my tracks.
No trip for Europe or a vacation with my grand girls in Colorado.

I am right handed, and without either hand at my disposal, now that I am on the mend after surgery…let me just mention a few of the things I now greatly appreciate about my fingers ( or lack there of ) and that i never really thought about until I couldn't…..all at once
be able to:
Get up or down.
Eat by myself.
Brush my teeth.
Wash my hair.
Take a shower.
Get dressed.
Type or write.
Get undressed.
Hold a book.
Prepare food & cook.
Lift anything.
Clean anything.
And other personal things.

But, I am healing…. Just this week I held a spoon ( not plastic ) and a cup (plastic). Wow !! I even scooped out avocado with a spoon …. the body wants to heal itself it seems.
My own personal rehab is to walk the lanes of the shallow end of the heated pool here in Eldorado, swinging my arms underwater and trying to move and grip my wrists, in the wonderful weightlessness of water.
I am eternally thankful to the many visitors, good neighbors, offers of food, fellowship, pool walkers and generous gifts of time and energy by family and friends. I don't think I could be as well recovered without this help.
The very most of all Tom
and Joseph & Kathy,
Rebecca &Scott,
Amy & Rodney,
Jill & Bob Pankey,
Linda Leslie & John,
Linda & Alex,
Patty & Zoe,
Michael & Suzie,
Linda Palmer,
Vern &Joby,
and Franzi.

I realize how important it is for the sick and injured, to be thought of prayed for and contacted in their time of need. Someday, it will probably be all of us, as this time it was me, who needed the visit, the casserole, the flowers ,the cards, and priceless gift of love.
I will return to tucson in october. I look forward to a new season with beautiful new art and seeing my artists, friends and collectors alike.
Please stop by.

Best Wishes,
Jane Hamilton

A Tribute To Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons taught me the art business and mentored me in life.
I worked with him at Gallery West Inc. in Taos from 1979-85.
He was a gracious man, who sculptor and friend Buck Mc Cain called " a prince among art dealers".

Jim had a way with everyone he knew, and was much loved.

Two Friends

March 2013
As we prepare for our 21st Anniversary "Simply Southwest" opening on March 22… not only have I reflected on the time gone by, but coincidentally its National Appreciation Week . We are encouraged to send notes of appreciation to important people in our world.
There are two precious people I need to acknowledge as my new gallery year begins. After my horrible bout with the flu this January, and more sadly the passing of these two dear friends both on January 19th.
By way of a cyber note of appreciation to the universe then…

Four Fabulous Faces of Fall

This November finds me back in the 80 plus degree world of a "fall weathered" Tucson and unpacking in a new living space. The past month has been a real challenge as I tried balancing the sorting the emotional memorabilia of my now grown children, and my business history into the assorted piles of give away, throw away and bring along "keeper" categories. Whoever said one should move every 5 years was probably right !

We accumulate everyday the little sentiments of life, that somehow get mixed in with the junk mail that finally gets tossed .
I have decided that moving my home is the "emotional homework" for me this fall, as I move from the Mom's "free storage unit"…. that was loosely called my garage, to my own present life. Here, the beautiful clutter of my children's favorite books and music boxes, have given way to a much quieter place I now call home.

Come see our new show " Four Fabulous Faces of Fall" . November 30 through December 10th.
ARTIST"S RECEPTION : Friday November 30th, 5-7pm. Please drop by to say Hi! to me and meet the artists.
We are open every day . Sundays 9-2pm Monday through Saturday 10-6pm with extended hours on weekends.

This showing of new work in "Four Fabulous Faces of Fall" are by gallery artists featuring:

Zulia Gotay de Anderson who's oil figures of women are both strong and sensual.
Sean Wallis "Traditional Beauty"  oil on canvas in a beautiful relaxing setting.


Fall leaves means time to leave….

Fall leaves means time to leave….

These last few weeks mother nature has been showing off its her fantastic color palette in northern New Mexico. Not wanting to be indoors another minute, I took a Sunday drive up to an artists studio tour near Penasco (outside of Taos). This brought me to the truly magical rural landscape that artist Leigh Gusterson calls home. Inspired by with its green layered sections of grass and trees and a little stream, she houses 4 lazy dogs, a few meandering chickens, and her new "Art Yurt" . She really has found her niche. A pleine aire painter, who spends most of her time outside at this land she eventually bought ,because she loved to paint here. Read More...

The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, America’s picture postcard

The Grand Canyon, one of the 7 natural wonders of the natural world, is just as great as the first time I saw it 35 years ago. Intensely dramatic and take your breadth away view, is still fantastic. Only then, I camped out on the ground after paying a nominal fee, stayed overnight and departing the following morning.


Well, I never thought I would be writing this entry.... Actually 20 years ago I didn't even have a computer, or a website, an email address or a cell phone!!
See me here in Bisbee artist Judy Perry's rendition of my Main Street Bisbee gallery!

We've come a long way baby.... I am looking forward to this weeks celebration. On Friday, March 23rd Tom Murray one of the finest oil painters around, and
a 20 year artist in my gallery is being honored by his 1st ONE MAN SHOW " The Sky's The Limit" ! This terrific show of the fabulous lands and skies of Arizona is not to be missed! Our show title and spirit captures both the heights we have climbed these two decades together, and Tom's incredible paintings on linen of the always dramatic and ever changing place of Arizona!

gal150 Jane150 150

Happy New Year 2012!

I can hardly believe that I am entering the 20th season of my own art gallery…. from our sweet tiny space on Subway Street in historic Bisbee, to our big luxurious location in Plaza Colonial at Skyline and Campbell…. we've come a long way baby !!

I can't say time flew by, more like each year was a new step of its own, in the dance to where we are now.

When I opened my gallery, I was a divorced single Mom raising my four children!

I had the ideals of a third world micro entrepreneur woman which was to feed and educate their children . I would also add , I wanted to keep them with me at work, after school, or stay home if someone was sick, and eventually travel to help them find colleges …… without some boss saying, "NO, YOU CAN'T TAKE OFF" !!

I had already had worked in New Mexico and Arizona art galleries, both good and bad for 13 years prior, so I guess... I thought I could make it go…. but the truth was... I just wanted to do it, and succeeding was the icing on the cake !

Now that my children are all grown and living their own lives, I realize that by being part of the art world, all of us gained .We gleaned from the artists, the collectors and many gallery friends, that we were an important part the community in which we lived.

Fast forward 20 years….
As much as I enjoy my vocation as an art dealer, I am also keenly aware in our changing times, how we help keep the culture alive. Sometimes I comment to a new collector "Thanks for voting for the culture!"
Every time you purchase a ticket to a play, concert, opera or purchase a piece of fine art you vote for a culture to stay alive.

And since I'm now navigating my 2nd or 3rd recession in a precarious business. My party line is still the same. When you invest in art your enjoyment of everyday life is enhanced. The best investment for anyone is not about money but beauty .

I am grateful and thankful for every artist, collector, friend and family member that are a part of this seemingly impossible venture becoming the success it is today.

And, most importantly I thank God for the opportunity to live out my dream.

Remembering Rose Johnson

Rose Johnson was an artist who's work inspired people, with her use of oils in figurative paintings, that often told storybooks and " truly came out of her soul".
Her paintings and murals alike brought "happiness to color"  with a little bit of mischief thrown in for fun.
The dancers, the dreamers and the whimsical look at life from her homeland of England to the southwest, gave originality setting her apart from others merely looking  for formulas in their work.
The great series on the electric buses for example totally contrast the powerful mural of the "Prayer of Saint Francis " on the wall  surrounding 16th and Thomas block of a mortuary in Phoenix.
Roses' last series and I believe her personal favorite,
"Beautiful Bali" were created for a show that we had a year ago, celebrating her love of the spirit, people and place of Bali.
It was her lifelong dream to go to Bali, and there she found much love and peace, with renewed inspiration for her  work. She even tried to get me to open a gallery to sell her work there !

She will be remembered for her kindness to others,  her generous spirit and the power her paintings had, and still have among her many and varied collectors. I believe that many called her friend.
But as for me, I guess I remember the fun she and I had, brewing up a new show, or theme for a series together, and enjoying her excitement together over the continual growth in her work.
I hope it doesn't sound trite to say that Rose Johnson was an artist who's life work truly will live on, bringing hope, joy and happiness to its beholder.

Jane Hamilton June 3, 2009