Four Fabulous Faces of Fall

This November finds me back in the 80 plus degree world of a "fall weathered" Tucson and unpacking in a new living space. The past month has been a real challenge as I tried balancing the sorting the emotional memorabilia of my now grown children, and my business history into the assorted piles of give away, throw away and bring along "keeper" categories. Whoever said one should move every 5 years was probably right !

We accumulate everyday the little sentiments of life, that somehow get mixed in with the junk mail that finally gets tossed .
I have decided that moving my home is the "emotional homework" for me this fall, as I move from the Mom's "free storage unit"…. that was loosely called my garage, to my own present life. Here, the beautiful clutter of my children's favorite books and music boxes, have given way to a much quieter place I now call home.

Come see our new show " Four Fabulous Faces of Fall" . November 30 through December 10th.
ARTIST"S RECEPTION : Friday November 30th, 5-7pm. Please drop by to say Hi! to me and meet the artists.
We are open every day . Sundays 9-2pm Monday through Saturday 10-6pm with extended hours on weekends.

This showing of new work in "Four Fabulous Faces of Fall" are by gallery artists featuring:

Zulia Gotay de Anderson who's oil figures of women are both strong and sensual.
Sean Wallis "Traditional Beauty"  oil on canvas in a beautiful relaxing setting.