Christmas Season

I guess I might not be the only one watching the Hallmark Christmas avalanche of offerings this season,
I guess I might not be the only one watching the Hallmark Christmas avalanche of offerings this season, so much now that Netflicks and Up has jumped on the bandwagon too… you might wonder why? For me, as a confirmed insomniac, my 2 or 4 am wake up call, requires me to do something quiet that might not wake up my husband, and to possibly create a drowsy state where I might actually fall back asleep. That sounds pretty good, huh …?

But, let's just be honest here, who doesn’t love a happy ending? Have you noticed most of these movies take place in small towns, where close relationships and proximity to family and neighbors are a bigger part of the plot. I hail from a small town myself, and lived for many years in both Taos, NM and Bisbee, Az. I know the difference between a tiny place and a big city.

When we lived in Bisbee, our annual visit to the Copper Queen Community Hospital, long term care unit to sing Christmas carols to residents there, was always met with smiles and remembrances. Volunteering and giving to the community was an important way of life, that I gladly shared with my children. Watching these movies where small things in everyday life make a big difference, reminds me of these times. They nudge me to write that get well card (and mail it), make the phone call to an older friend when I have time to listen, and look for opportunities to interact with my clients and artists that are valuable.

When I moved to Tucson the hardest part for me, was leaving tiny Bisbee where we were a known family and business and finding my community in this new place. I had to make a small town out of my big new city. My “small“ town was no longer geographically defined. It was created instead by everyday interactions. New friends from my son’s high school & our church, old friends from other places relocated here were revived as new and old friends and later on other business owners, artists and collectors. These became our new community of belonging.

I now call Tucson my home and live centrally right near my gallery, not surprisingly in a small townhouse development and my community is only a short drive to wherever it is. And so for me, these cheesy Hallmark happy ending movies are a nice reminder that people want to smile, be supportive, help each other, work together to mend a broken fence and share both joy and sorrow, keeping relationships stretching and growing no matter where you live.

Jane Hamilton December 2018