Summer Thoughts

Jane's June Blog 2011
These last 6 months have really flown by….Our January show of Charles Pabst "Arizona Treasures" and Fred Wackerle's ART WINE MONDAY were fast eclipsed by the terrible shooting on January 8th. It was scheduled as an artist demonstration day, featuring sculptor Pokey Park. Because of that my son Joseph and I met at the Safeway Shopping Center, for a Beyond Bread breakfast. On his day off, Joseph had agreed to unload the heavy clay from Pokey Park's car.
I had left just seconds before, but my son Joseph hearing the shots fired, while on an errand in Walgreen's ran toward the bullets, and helped keep down and subdue the shooter, until the police arrived.
The next time I spoke to my son Joe Zamudio - Tucson Hero,( see News and Events page ) it was to hear him tearfully ask me to pray for the little girl who had been shot. Christina Taylor Green was her name. He said our Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and several other people had been shot. A fast prayer group formed in our parking lot at Campbell and Skyline, as neighboring businesses joined hands. This horrible experience changed Tucson, and our family . We grieved with the families of the lost, and prayed and cried with other first responders and survivors families.

The rest of our season is a blur… We had lovely shows like Martha Braun and Leigh Gusterson's "It Only Takes A Moment" based on a painting by Leigh of a rural New mexican Church, encouraging us to stop and pray while we go on about our lives…..
In March our 19th Anniversary Show featuring Barry Sapp, Blanche Davidson and Doug Shelton brought "Western Ways" in three different western styles. Native American and cowboy watercolors, gouache whimsical Mexican themed and thoughtful spacy trump l'oiel .
We also hosted three shows in April. We exhibited the "art lunch boxes" for Ballet Tucson's Urban Picnic fundraiser. The following night as part of the Tucson Glass Festival he held the "Southwest Glass" show featuring Lee Augst new southwest themed fused artwork. And finally on April 29th George Bodine returned this year for his "Romantic Italy" show. Several of these great classical realistic oils of Italy, have gone to new homes.
A new glass artist to the gallery Karl Rossi gave us our last May 9th ART WINE MONDAY . These fun "cowboy glass hats" sat alongside his more contemporary works, at the beautiful Tavolina's, where a lovely Italian wine tasting and gourmet snacks made a festive evening.

Today, June 8th while I reminisce on last season, I am reminded that 6 months ago a very sad day. Please keep those families whose loss was their loved ones in prayer.
My son, Joseph has taken a great getaway to Colorado, to cool off and to see his sisters. The gallery has moved to Summer Siesta Hours 10-2pm and 5-8pm Tuesday-Friday. Saturday10-8pm.
And, I am sending my best wishes for a blessed summer.