Summer Different

This summer has been the “Summer Different" in the "City Different". The best laid plans of mice and men ( and women )…

This summer Santa Fe is as lovely as any other. But my plans took an unexpected turn on july 15th, as I first rode on my new bike and then went crashing about a painful minute later, braking both my left shoulder and right wrist……… lets just say, I was cut to the quick, stopped in my tracks.
No trip for Europe or a vacation with my grand girls in Colorado.

I am right handed, and without either hand at my disposal, now that I am on the mend after surgery…let me just mention a few of the things I now greatly appreciate about my fingers ( or lack there of ) and that i never really thought about until I couldn't…..all at once
be able to:
Get up or down.
Eat by myself.
Brush my teeth.
Wash my hair.
Take a shower.
Get dressed.
Type or write.
Get undressed.
Hold a book.
Prepare food & cook.
Lift anything.
Clean anything.
And other personal things.

But, I am healing…. Just this week I held a spoon ( not plastic ) and a cup (plastic). Wow !! I even scooped out avocado with a spoon …. the body wants to heal itself it seems.
My own personal rehab is to walk the lanes of the shallow end of the heated pool here in Eldorado, swinging my arms underwater and trying to move and grip my wrists, in the wonderful weightlessness of water.
I am eternally thankful to the many visitors, good neighbors, offers of food, fellowship, pool walkers and generous gifts of time and energy by family and friends. I don't think I could be as well recovered without this help.
The very most of all Tom
and Joseph & Kathy,
Rebecca &Scott,
Amy & Rodney,
Jill & Bob Pankey,
Linda Leslie & John,
Linda & Alex,
Patty & Zoe,
Michael & Suzie,
Linda Palmer,
Vern &Joby,
and Franzi.

I realize how important it is for the sick and injured, to be thought of prayed for and contacted in their time of need. Someday, it will probably be all of us, as this time it was me, who needed the visit, the casserole, the flowers ,the cards, and priceless gift of love.
I will return to tucson in october. I look forward to a new season with beautiful new art and seeing my artists, friends and collectors alike.
Please stop by.

Best Wishes,
Jane Hamilton