Happy New Year 2012!

I can hardly believe that I am entering the 20th season of my own art gallery…. from our sweet tiny space on Subway Street in historic Bisbee, to our big luxurious location in Plaza Colonial at Skyline and Campbell…. we've come a long way baby !!

I can't say time flew by, more like each year was a new step of its own, in the dance to where we are now.

When I opened my gallery, I was a divorced single Mom raising my four children!

I had the ideals of a third world micro entrepreneur woman which was to feed and educate their children . I would also add , I wanted to keep them with me at work, after school, or stay home if someone was sick, and eventually travel to help them find colleges …… without some boss saying, "NO, YOU CAN'T TAKE OFF" !!

I had already had worked in New Mexico and Arizona art galleries, both good and bad for 13 years prior, so I guess... I thought I could make it go…. but the truth was... I just wanted to do it, and succeeding was the icing on the cake !

Now that my children are all grown and living their own lives, I realize that by being part of the art world, all of us gained .We gleaned from the artists, the collectors and many gallery friends, that we were an important part the community in which we lived.

Fast forward 20 years….
As much as I enjoy my vocation as an art dealer, I am also keenly aware in our changing times, how we help keep the culture alive. Sometimes I comment to a new collector "Thanks for voting for the culture!"
Every time you purchase a ticket to a play, concert, opera or purchase a piece of fine art you vote for a culture to stay alive.

And since I'm now navigating my 2nd or 3rd recession in a precarious business. My party line is still the same. When you invest in art your enjoyment of everyday life is enhanced. The best investment for anyone is not about money but beauty .

I am grateful and thankful for every artist, collector, friend and family member that are a part of this seemingly impossible venture becoming the success it is today.

And, most importantly I thank God for the opportunity to live out my dream.